Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mittens for Baby

These Extra-Toasty Toddler Mittens were really fun to knit, but apparently not so fun to wear. You try putting mittens on a squirming little boy! The mittens are knit with two strands held together, so they are very warm -- and not too stretchy. The thumb is the most difficult to quickly find when trying to force them on. Also, once on, they are still easy to come right off -- sort of like socks these days. And diapers for that matter, but that's another story. I hope my little guy realizes the value of toasty mittens when the weather makes then mandatory!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mittens for Hubby

My mitten-knittin' slump has finally ended, on an unseasonably warm day! That's alright, because there will all-to-soon be freezing mornings that hubby will have to bike to work and the least I can do is keep those fingers toasty. I used the Kochoran Mittens pattern, but substituted a warm tweed for the Noro yarn, which I would have to order and is terribly expensive. This tweedy wool is more of the hubster's style anyway.