Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Fourth Dinosaur Birthday, Sweet Alden!

Oh, the torture of having to wait to open all these awesome presents! Alden has waited WEEKS to turn four today!!!

Cousin Noah helps Alden open his gifts. "I got my pterodactyl!"

Alex, 7.5 months, is excited to see his brother turn 4!

This is the COOLEST cake - thank you Grandma Sandy!!!

Can I make a wish now, Mama?

Making a wish...

Alden prefers to eat his cake with dinosaur bones. He's that hard-core.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Protest!

This blog isn't intended to be at all political (we have Facebook for that!). But I do want to document Alden and Alex's first protest. We are so proud of them! And, since both Mom and Dad are in unions.... and since Mom works for Public Health and Dad works for Public Schools, both of which are worse off after the budget bill... it only makes sense that the kiddos should protest the sad direction our state is heading! Around our home, we frequently hear Alden chanting, "Kill the Bill! Hey-hey! Ho-ho! Scott Walker has GOT TO GO! What's Disgusting? UNION BUSTING!" Here are a few pics from our month-long protest...

First protest!
February 18th:

March 5th:

March 12th:
We're so happy and thankful the Farmers joined the protest! Alden sure does love a good tractorcade!

We estimate there were at least 100,000 protesters today. The City of Madison states that this protest was bigger than those held during the Vietnam war. Alden and Alex will be proud to know that they were a part of this historic time.