Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby, baby, baby!

Finally getting to updates on my last two projects! Interestingly, I was not motivated to do much knitting during my six weeks of bedrest. I really only got back to it during the last couple of weeks. I think my lack of enthusiasm was due to dilemmas with both projects.

This blanket I call the "Sunshine Baby Blanket" the pattern is the Pinwheel Baby Blanket. I was hoping to have enough of my Dream in Color Classy yarn to do the "sun ray" border, but I came up short. I finally decided to use some Natura Sensational yarn from my stash. I'm actually very pleased with the result!

The Ribbed Baby Jacket was an easy and fun knit. But, once again I ran out of stash yarn and had to stop short of finishing the pattern. So the jacket does not fully close, thus is more of a cardigan. It is OK, but I would have liked to have more closure! The color is also off in this picture for some reason. It is actually more green.

I am done with baby knitting for the time being. I am really excited about the Noro Scarf I am knitting for hubby! One Raveler described knitting it like being on crack, and she's right - watching the beautiful color changes is totally addicting. And hubby likes it! Pictures to come... I will have to make more of these...