Friday, July 25, 2008


(Please excuse the weeds, we have been quite busy this summer!)

Here is my belated posting for Alden's Vestee. I really enjoyed knitting this, simply because it is just so satisfying to knit for my baby. However, I found many aspects of this pattern confusing. I learned that many more experienced knitters have "just assumed" certain things about the pattern that I did not get right away and had to make adjustments (I really hate frogging unless it is absolutely necessary!). Hence, the only evidence of my frustration with the pattern is the rather large, cowl-like collar. It isn't supposed to be so large and long, but so be it. Alden doesn't seem to mind!

It is so hot lately and Alden is growing so fast, I am actually hoping for some cool evenings so we can really enjoy his Vestee!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is to prove that I actually did finish the Coronet. Even though I started it last winter and finished this summer! I hit a serious knitting slump. I enjoyed practicing the cables, but after that, the hat was terribly boring. Thank goodness for the Vestee, which is almost done!