Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year, No More Blogging

My New Year's resolution? No more stress about not having time to blog. DONE! Sorry to folks, if you are out there, that do check to see what we are up to over here. However, for those of you who I don't see face-to-face, there is always Ravelry and Facebook and email. All of which I partake.

Who knows, perhaps someday I will get back into blogging. It most likely won't be about the boys. There's just something about Alden starting school this Fall that makes me feel a bit weird about posting his life publicly on the Internet. Also, I discovered photo books - where I can write our story alongside the pictures. Then the program puts it all together for me and mails it to me. LOVE IT.

I started blogging as a way to not discuss Alden's progress with everyone over and over. Then it became a mode of therapy as I discovered other preemie mom bloggers. Then it became an easy way to keep folks up-to-date with our life. Then it became habitual. Then it was therapy for being a pregnant-after-preemie mom. Then I started to feel like I HAD to do it for Alex. Then it wasn't fun anymore.

Now it is time to stop! I look forward to continuing my other nightly "me" hobbies, such as knitting and reading. I'm just starting to have time for both again! Oh, and Dave and I are starting weekly salsa lessons next week. So exciting!

With that... Farewell and Good Night.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa visit

Did I mention that Alex has been toddling for about a week now?

We love Grandma and Grandpa SO much!

Apple Picking at Eplegaarden

A couple weeks ago (yes, I am playing catch-up again) we enjoyed our annual apple-picking trip. This year, we went to Eplegaarden!

We enjoyed a little picnic - it was a gorgeous, warm Autumn day...

The boys scared away some crows...

Horse and wagon ride!

What a sweet, yummy day!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Leaf Walks and Art

We love going for "Leaf Walks" after dinner, or "Leaf Scooting"...

Leaf art! (Saying that fast will cause uncontrollable giggles in 4-year-olds and their fathers.)
Happy Autumn!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Autumn Equinox!

I've missed Mama and Alden time. Alex still very much needs my full attention, so Alden has had to share me a lot. This isn't bad, but he still needs time with me alone. When my Mom asked if I would like to go with her to a Welcome Fall Celebration, I knew this would be a great opportunity to have some bonding time with my little guy. We helped make some apple cider, ate caramel apples, hiked the nature preserve, sang songs and danced, and climbed a tree. A wonderful start to the new season!

Alden was very excited to see exactly what happened to all those apples in the press!

Watching the cider poor out.

There's nothing like fresh cider!

We made caramel apples!

Alden discovered the Climbing Tree...

My little monkey was in that tree for a LONG time.

"I love this tree!"

Alden, my love...

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Yes, I know I haven't posted anything all summer. We've been super busy and, frankly, I was a little burnt-out on blogging. However, I also remembered that this is the only way that I am documenting my boys' childhood. To save on cost and space and the environment, we don't print out pictures or keep massive amounts of photo albums. I print out these blog posts (in color!), and place them in a binder - which my mother so lovingly started for me - THANKS MOM!!! I print these posts because I don't believe that Blogger will always exist and the Internet could crash, implode, and so on... So, ahem, I will continue with my motherly duty...

Back to our cruise in June! It was a week long, fabulous get-a-way. Grandma Sandy retired and Grandpa Denny had a birthday - both lovely reasons for them to take their entire family on a cruise to Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands! Now, whenever Alden tells us that he wants to go on "vacation" again, he means he wants a cruise.. haha.

Daily ritual...

On the boat, Alex learned how to: crawl, sit up from lying down, pull up, and refuse baby food in preference for fresh, juicy, hot off the grill REAL FOOD. Before the trip, he was a beached whale eating baby slop. Amazing what some sun and sand can do!

He also learned how to make a touchdown.

One or two nights, fancy dress was required!

All the cousins in the boy pile wore the cutest sailboat outfits!

Alden was all politeness and manners at dinner.

Daddy enjoyed visiting Old San Juan!

And Alden enjoyed all 4 hours of the rainforest! We plan to go back someday.

Margaritaville in Grand Turk...jealous yet?

Fast forward to Alex's First Birthday/Family Blessing

Both sets of grandparents and all the cousins were present in our home. Everyone stood in a circle around the table and shared their blessing for Alex. Then, there was cake!

A couple more summer pics...

At our block party last weekend, Alex tried out his pushcart for the first time - and was hooked on walking! He can now "toddle." He takes about 2 steps before sitting down - exciting and scary!

This was taken yesterday at the Willy St. Festival. Alden was completely taken with the skateboarders. And loved that he could act out what he saw on practice boards.

Also from yesterday: Madison has an annual BIG RIG event, with trucks, cars, boats, and more trucks. Alden's heaven on Earth.

OK. Do you feel caught up? Please say you feel caught up. Phew! I will REALLY TRY to not let months go by again. Good night.