Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year, No More Blogging

My New Year's resolution? No more stress about not having time to blog. DONE! Sorry to folks, if you are out there, that do check to see what we are up to over here. However, for those of you who I don't see face-to-face, there is always Ravelry and Facebook and email. All of which I partake.

Who knows, perhaps someday I will get back into blogging. It most likely won't be about the boys. There's just something about Alden starting school this Fall that makes me feel a bit weird about posting his life publicly on the Internet. Also, I discovered photo books - where I can write our story alongside the pictures. Then the program puts it all together for me and mails it to me. LOVE IT.

I started blogging as a way to not discuss Alden's progress with everyone over and over. Then it became a mode of therapy as I discovered other preemie mom bloggers. Then it became an easy way to keep folks up-to-date with our life. Then it became habitual. Then it was therapy for being a pregnant-after-preemie mom. Then I started to feel like I HAD to do it for Alex. Then it wasn't fun anymore.

Now it is time to stop! I look forward to continuing my other nightly "me" hobbies, such as knitting and reading. I'm just starting to have time for both again! Oh, and Dave and I are starting weekly salsa lessons next week. So exciting!

With that... Farewell and Good Night.

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